How Big is the Social Media Market


Social Media Market: Leverage Power, Reach Your Audience Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From staying connected with friends and family to discovering new brands, it has transformed how people communicate and interact. Today, social media is not just a platform for personal use; businesses of all sizes leverage its […]

What Is Social Media Lead Generation?


What Is Social Media Lead Generation, And How Does It Work? Lead generation is an essential marketing component, so a solid strategy is required. Social media lead generation uses the advantages of social platforms to attract new customers to your company. Social media has kept expanding and changing, going from being a brand’s optional channel […]

Snapchat Statistics You Need to Know Before 2023


Before there was TikTok, before Instagram launched (copied?) Stories, there was Snapchat. In July 2011, Snapchat debuted as a “ephemeral” messaging service. The image driven “Picaboo” app was first exclusively accessible through iOS. There were just 127 users of the Picaboo app in its first few months, thus it’s fair to say that it didn’t […]