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Most business owners are aware of the fact that they need to build a pipeline full of leads in order to grow their business. But knowing that is one thing. Achieving it is quite another. Lead generation Philadelphia is something many Philly businesses struggle with. But Pearl Lemon Leads can help.

The Challenges of Effective Lead Generation Philadelphia

The process of generating leads isn’t without its difficulties. Learning what they are and how to overcome them might mean the difference between winning and losing business. Here are just a few of the lead generation obstacles and challenges you will likely encounter.

Finding a Winning Lead Generation Strategy

The number one problem that Philadelphia businesses encounter when it comes to lead generation, in our experience, is figuring out a strategy or plan that will effectively attract people’s attention. (Granted some places like Adventure Aquarium are so well established they have no trouble) If it were simple, everyone would do it, but it takes more than just doing it; it must be done methodically and effectively.

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Reaching the Right People

Once you’ve devised a plan or an offer that will pique people’s interest, you must ensure that your content is seen by not only enough but also the relevant individuals. Is it the “right” people if your company provides a local service and your Philadelphia lead generation initiatives are being shown to people who live 1,000 miles away and will likely just not be able to use your service? Most likely not.

Don’t blow your time, money and effort by putting your content in front of them. Only once you’ve selected the right audience is when you can then turn your attention to making sure that your message reaches a large enough audience.

A critical mass of the right people at the right time in the right quantities will almost certainly improve your chances of converting a lead into a qualified lead, and then into a customer. But boy can that be a tricky balance to achieve.

Creating Effective Lead Generation Content

Effective lead generation Philadelphia calls for great content creation, but you can’t expect to generate leads, let alone gain new customers and/or clients unless that content resonates with them, and they can perceive it as valuable.

“What am I going to get out of it?” “How does it benefit me?” When consumers look at your content, they ask themselves these questions, and usually only these questions. You can’t just keep putting out self-promotional content every week. The offerings and content you distribute should be relevant and valuable to the reader.

Keep this in mind while you compose your messages. If you’re only generating self-serving offers and your visitors aren’t getting anything out of it, they’ll stop reading, or engaging, and they are likely to tune your brand out altogether.

Understanding how to achieve this careful balance is an art form in itself, and if you don’t get it right, even if you have managed to define the perfect audience for your message, they just won’t be interested.

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Finding the Right Lead Generation Talents

It’s fantastic to have systems and plans in place for lead generation, but they’re only as good as the people who work on them. It’s critical that you or members of your team have the necessary competences and knowledge when it comes to generating leads. You’ll need to set your efforts up for success by providing individuals with the necessary skills, recruiting the right people, or partnering with someone who can help, such as Pearl Lemon Leads’ team of lead generation Philadelphia professionals. Begin brining in people at the rate the Mutter Museum does!

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Executing Your Lead Generation Campaigns

You have a lead generation Philadelphia strategy. You have spent time defining the ideal target audience. You have lead generation content you believe will be effective. Now who’s going to do the actual work? If you run a Philadelphia SMB in any niche, this is another area where you are likely to struggle.

Effective lead generation Philadelphia is time-consuming and resource intensive, two things that you often have in limited quantities.

Following Up on Warm Leads

Even if your lead generation campaigns bring the right people to your website/landing page/blog or social media accounts, very few of them will buy whatever you are selling right away. Less than 3% on average, actually.

This may not mean that you got your initial targeting wrong, just that these warm leads need to be nurtured before they are ready to buy.  They have questions, concerns, nagging worries that can probably easily be addressed, as long as you do so fast enough and effectively.

Lead nurturing is another skill that takes time to master, and it is also another very time-consuming activity. You’ll need to make sure you have the necessary infrastructure in place to respond to queries quickly and track and manage leads. The importance of time cannot be overstated. If you don’t answer quickly enough, you won’t be top of mind, and people may have lost interest by the time you do.


Tracking Your Lead Generation Philadelphia ROI

So, you’ve got the correct lead generating strategy in place, the right individuals are responding, and perhaps even enough of them, and you’re done! But wait… how will you know whether your efforts were fruitful? You can’t simply toss something against the wall and hope it sticks.

Leads are one thing, but you need customers, and only careful analysis and tracking will help you determine if the ROI you expected on your lead generation campaigns is being met.

Monitoring and analyzing your lead generation Philadelphia efforts is critical for determining whether they are effective and, if not, for gaining insight into where the process is going wrong and making any course corrections that will put things right. And, once again, this is skilled and time-consuming stuff.

Meeting Philadelphia Lead Generation Challenges with Pearl Lemon Leads

Overwhelmed by even the idea of trying to overcome this lead generation Philadelphia challenges? There is one way to meet them all (and many others we haven’t mentioned). Partner with a lead generation Philadelphia agency who can help. A Philadelphia lead generation agency like Pearl Lemon Leads.

When you work with us our team of lead generation experts can tackle the hard work involved in effectively generating leads for your Philadelphia business. We have the talented staff, the lead generation experience and expertise and even the (often expensive) lead generation tools that you may not.

We’ll generate the leads, all you need to do is have your salespeople do what they do best, and close them. No salespeople yet? We can help there too!


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