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How can you guarantee that a big event you are planning will be successful? 

Your attendees will determine how well your event goes. Your prospective delegates must be involved, informed, and eager to go. 

But given the rising cost of direct mail and personalised invites, how can you tell them these things? 

The remedy is email marketing.

Your events’ success can be significantly impacted by email marketing. You can use it to promote your event while it is still in the planning stages and lead potential attendees to a registration page. 

Following the event, email marketing can assist you in gathering feedback from your delegates by informing them of news and updates on the event. Email marketing, which accounts for 45% of event ticket sales, is chosen by more than 75% of event organizers as their most successful method.

Whether you require long-term or immediate event promotion, Pearl Lemon Leads USA can give you all the necessary resources. Our knowledgeable team can assist experienced event marketers, and planners develop a custom email campaign to keep clients interested in your business’s activities. 

If you only need to publicize one event, we can help you design a successful one-time campaign that will help you engage attendees and potential delegates.

Let’s connect to create a strong marketing strategy for your event.


Benefits Of Email Marketing For Events

Email marketing has perks other marketing tactics do not. Its advantages are unlimited.

Here are some of the benefits:

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It Is Targeted

Unlike other internet marketing strategies, email marketing lets you immediately contact your most qualified customers.

You can confidently connect with the right people and build relationships with existing and potential clients.

It Reaches An Interested Audience

People must opt-in to receive your emails, which is another advantage of email marketing. It implies that you contact people who have voluntarily consented to hear from your company when you send emails.

After someone signs up for your emails, you want to prevent them from clicking the unsubscribe option.

Establish the expectations for your emails. Then, continue distributing content in that vein, so subscribers receive what they request.

It Raises Public Awareness Of Brands

Regular communication with your audience can help them familiarise themselves with your brand and what it stands for.

Since you’ll always be in their inbox, your subscribers will get familiar with your goods, services, and business.

When you publish pertinent information about your business or sector, you can develop a reputation as an invaluable resource and win the trust of prospective clients.

It Complements Your SEO Campaign

Although you might not associate SEO with an event email marketing campaign, these two types of marketing can complement one another.

Your SEO can benefit from links pointing from a credible external website to your website. Search engines will learn this and will believe you.

Including website material in your emails raises the possibility that someone who receives them will link to it.

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It Supports Your Content Marketing Objectives

Your email subscribers can get your content if you routinely publish it.

Use email marketing as a way to share all of your content, whether you publish images, blog articles, or videos.

By sending your material to your email subscribers, you can improve the number of visitors to your website. If your content is relevant to your audience, you can also decrease bounce rates, boost time spent on pages, encourage conversions, and achieve other metrics important to your content strategy.

It Develops Leads

You can use automation to send visitors who fill out your website’s email form emails to advance them through the purchasing process.

Using the right email marketing platform will modify your email messages based on how people engage with your website and firmographic information.

You can target customers who have just discovered your company, are considering their options, or are even prepared to purchase with content designed for each customer journey stage.

It's Customised

You can do more with this marketing plan than merely target people based on their interests.

You can utilise AI and automation to design unique experiences for your email subscribers, which is just one of the numerous advantages of email marketing.

If a customer completed a purchase and supplied their email, you can use email marketing to solicit reviews or offer recommendations for more products to complement that purchase.

Emails can be addressed to individual subscribers by name and sent in their time zones to make them feel more personalised.

Easy To Monitor

Most email marketing platforms have built-in statistics that let you see how your campaigns are doing. Although every platform is a little bit different, most of them let you track important data that can aid in understanding the performance of your campaign.

You’ll be able to view details like how frequently and how many people opened your emails, who clicked on any links, how many emails “bounced” or failed to reach a user, and who unsubscribed.

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Faster Outcomes

Email marketing is trackable, just like any other marketing effort, and it has the potential to be successful or unsuccessful. 

In contrast to social media platforms, where you must browse Instagram to see an advertisement, the viewer receives notifications from tailored targeting with emails.

You can improve productivity and higher conversion rates when the correct content is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Our Approach To Event Marketing

Using all of the approaches to email marketing best practices for event advertising is crucial. The more work you put into your event campaign, the more effective your emails will be. When planning your subsequent event promotion, we help you with the following:

  • Initial emails raise awareness of your event. We send promotional emails to inform your audience when to expect information on the location and registration;
  • Emails with informational content encourage registration. People are more inclined to participate in an event if they know it;

Tools for email marketing can increase engagement. Our marketing automation includes built-in best practices for promoting your event.

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Pearl Lemon Leads USA can assist you if you are prepared to begin enjoying the many advantages of an email marketing campaign.

In addition to working to produce original material that resonates with your audience, we’ll develop a plan that is specifically catered to your requirements and goals.

To generate the maximum ROI and the most traffic to your website, our email marketing specialists will strive to ensure that your email campaign integrates seamlessly with your other digital marketing initiatives.

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Your client engagement rates will increase if you deliver emails to your subscribers who are actively interested. You can respond to customer interactions with your business by sending email marketing campaigns using a platform for marketing automation, such as Iterable.

Because it is adequate and relevant, email is still a favourite with individuals, businesses, and employees as a one-to-one communication tool. When transmitting communications from one person to another, it is simple to use, available, and incredibly effective.

Be sure to send three reminder emails: one day in advance, three days in advance, and one week before the event. You can send two more for events being held online: one at the start and one at the conclusion. Avoid going overboard in this situation.

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