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In the money industry, credit unions often rely on their quality customer service to compete with larger financial institutions with more capital and market share. Email marketing helps credit unions differentiate themselves from the rest by letting them leverage behavioural data in real time to help them communicate with their members more effectively. 

Email marketing offers credit unions an easy, cost-effective channel to educate the masses and establish trust. Unfortunately, many credit unions do not exercise this level of high-touch communication with their members. Luckily, email marketing is an affordable strategy, and you don’t have to break the bank.

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Your duty as a credit union is to inform your members and encourage those who qualify to use financial services. Our professionals can assist you in developing a personalised marketing plan to improve member interactions and increase engagement.

Email marketing is a great resource for automatic contact channels and engagement metrics. When done correctly, email marketing can expand your credit union’s services.

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Why Email Marketing For Credit Unions ?

 As the name implies, email marketing entails using email to contact your target audience directly to boost sales, raise brand awareness, or disseminate key information. Even though it is one of the more traditional types of digital marketing, it continues to have the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

 For every $1 spent, you can expect to get $36 in return

 Credit unions can boost their share of wallets through email marketing, foster relationships with current members, and encourage the creation of new accounts and loan applications. Credit unions can use email marketing in several ways, such as offering special deals like lower interest rates or giving your members financial education training.

Email Automation Will Keep Your Members Informed & Loans In Check

By using specified rules, email automation allows you to customise and send out your messages based on the activities that clients and potential customers take—or don’t take.

 Email automation eliminates time-consuming tasks from your to-do list, giving you more time for important tasks like answering client inquiries. It informs clients about your company, entices them to return, or reminds them why they chose to do business with you in the first place.

One of the best ways to reach potential clients and followers who genuinely want to hear about changes from your initiative is through automated email marketing. With email automation tools, you won’t have to pass up another chance to bring in leads, sales, and money.

You can learn a lot about the preferences and needs of your target market, which will help you better grasp your ideal demographics. Email automation for credit unions aims to notify members of any outstanding action and keeps them up to date on their loan progress while boosting high-quality customer service.

By reminding members to fill up any fields that are still blank or notifying loan originators to follow up personally, email marketing automation can significantly reduce the number of abandoned loan applications.

Timelines for loans and closings are kept on track with in-process loan procedures that notify participants when a document needs to be signed or submitted. Additionally, post-close processes like sending birthday cards and closing anniversary messaging keep your credit union at the forefront of members’ minds for the subsequent time they require financial services.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing For Credit Unions

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Enhance Member Experience

 Building ties with members and connecting with them promotes success. According to numerous studies, clients who are really satisfied make twice as many purchases as those with “average” relationships. In addition, selling to an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one because the expense is seven times higher.

Email marketing can improve member satisfaction by demonstrating to customers that your credit union cares about them and their particular needs. You can distribute newsletters that cover topics like scam prevention, money management advice, and the advantages of new goods and services.

To establish a real connection with your prospects, use all your information about them and create tailored marketing.

Increase Sales And Simplify Operations

Pay attention to your credit union’s members’ needs and interests to keep your establishment in their thoughts. Transaction-triggered emails can be useful. Send a reminder email to a member if they haven’t finished filling out a loan application so that they can pick up where they left off. Alternatively, if they have completed the form but haven’t yet submitted all the required papers, send emails outlining what’s still required and offering a simple link to upload what’s missing.

Cut Back On Loan Negligences

Let’s face it; no one enjoys making collection calls that remind clients of their dues. Emails minimise the need for going through all these tasks. Automated emails deliver these messages right into clients’ inboxes if they miss their due dates.

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Reap The Rewards By Working With Us

If you work in the financial industry, you know how important it is to engage and attract clients online. More and more use the internet daily to search for what they need– including credit unions and their services. Credit unions need to include email marketing in their overall digital marketing strategy to stand out in the market and attract the prospects they need.

 Email marketing is a low-cost, highly effective strategy that helps you grab a prospect’s attention. At Pearl Lemon Leads USA, we can help you develop customised campaigns with the right tools and processes to increase revenue and member engagement.

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There are several ways you can do this. These include:

  • Tracking how clients interact and adjusting with each message. Financial marketers can spot early indications of disengagement in client email activity and take action to reengage them.
  • To better engage your customers, segment your email lists. You can learn more about a customer’s preferences and provide more targeted content and a more individualised experience by looking at how they respond to each campaign.
  • Do not hesitate to reengage. Use “Win-back” emails to get your email program involved. Such reactivation messages could include downgrades to simpler and less expensive accounts, offers to waive fees, benefits-reinforcing communications etc.

Email marketing for credit unions aims to get the word out about your services to your target audience, keeping them up to date on your work and inviting them to functions or other events with which you are associated.

 The following are some ideas for credit unions’ email marketing strategies: 

  • Carrying out market research
  • Give your clients what they want
  • Create content based on customer preferences and data
  • Add endorsements from satisfied clients.
  • Offer rewards to those who move slowly

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