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The main reason you went into the fitness industry is probably to inspire and educate your clients to live their healthiest lives. No doubt you have the information, skills and services to share. Now is the time to get your offerings out there to your prospects.

But how can you do that efficiently and cost-effectively? The answer is through fitness email marketing! 

Despite the emergence of newer forms of marketing over the past years, emails still remain one of the best ways to engage with your prospects and keep your retention rates at an all-high. 

Furthermore, you need the right platform to manage email marketing as you research the best approach. If you don’t continuously offer value that encourages your contacts to engage, your emails may end up in spam or garbage folders.

One of the most effective components of email marketing is personalisation. You can divide your audience into distinct categories based on their prior experiences with your business, job title or responsibilities, online behaviour, or many other factors. 

This level of personalisation enables you to speak directly to the customer’s stage in the sales funnel, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

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Unlocking the Potential: Email Marketing for Gyms

You may not like the sound of this, but your gym is already facing so much competition. So many other fitness centers in the industry are injecting in cash to see that their establishment gets the visibility they want. 

Creating an email marketing strategy is an efficient tool for your gym because of the following reasons:

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Retain More Clients

It doesn’t matter if you are a personal trainer, gym owner, or offer customised fitness programs like Pilates, Yoga, etc. Your success depends on your ability to get new clients while retaining current members. Email marketing allows you to promote your services to warm leads.

The Open Rates Are High

Email is still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. The average open rate for all industries is 21.33%. For whatever message you send, you can be sure that it will be opened and acted upon by the recipient. 

It's A Cost-Effective And Manageable Method

Compared to other digital marketing methods, emails are cheaper and more straightforward. Traditional marketing campaigns generate decent revenue but cost thousands of dollars to produce. Email marketing, on the other hand, is done at a fraction of that cost.

Reach Warm Qualified Prospects

Compared to other digital marketing methods, emails are cheaper and more straightforward. Traditional marketing campaigns generate decent revenue but cost thousands of dollars to produce. Email marketing, on the other hand, is done at a fraction of that cost.

Send The Appropriate Message

Different people subscribe to emails for various reasons. Some may want to join a gym but are still not sure. Others want to take advantage of special deals, gym membership, etc. Email marketing allows you to customise your message to suit every individual on your subscriber list.

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Email Marketing Tips To Get Your Establishment To The Top

Leave what the pessimistic people are saying. Email marketing is far from dead. Even with search engines and social media advertising, email marketing will help you kick off and benefit your gym facility.

Here are some tips you can use to maximise your ROI:

Schedule a Consultation

Collect Email Addresses

Email marketing is more successful than most conventional kinds of direct marketing. With email, you’re talking to people who are already interested in or concerned about the subject.

Teach your staff(if you have any) to request email addresses from new members when registering them. 

Have a sign-up sheet available at the front desk, and make sure your members know what they are signing up for, whether it be dietary advice, daily workouts, changes to the gym’s hours, new class schedules, or possibly exclusive limited-time deals.

Locate An Email Service.

Working with a trusted email service provider is crucial. Why? Email service providers can be a fantastic partner in ensuring that you uphold crucial CAN-SPAM laws and make sending emails easier.

Give Your Members A Means To Opt Out.

Emails from coworkers, employees, friends, and family, as well as promotional emails from other businesses, are constantly flooding clients’ inboxes. Some of the emails they receive are ones they voluntarily signed up for, while others are from unknown sources.

Do not forget that your members probably share these sentiments. Give customers a means to opt out of receiving your mail if they want. Remember to treat your members respectfully while speaking with them and sending them messages.

Monitor Your Fitness Club Performance

Having an understanding of your ROI is crucial. To improve each email and help you make more informed marketing decisions, all email services give you a report on the following statistics.

  • Open Rate: The percentage of subscribers that actually opens your email is known as the “open rate.”
  • Click Through Rate (CTR): The number of people who clicked on your call to action.
  • Opt-Out:: It’s crucial to keep track of how many subscribers choose not to receive further emails from you. It’s an excellent approach to determine whether you’re sending emails too frequently or possibly not sending emails with the right information.

Email marketing can increase revenue and enhance the overall membership experience with your facility. Reach out for more assistance

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Schedule a Consultation

Collect Email Addresses

Emails can be used for various marketing objectives, including raising attendance, filling up class space, finding new members, and getting recommendations for your fitness business. These emails must be sent to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate time and be carefully written.

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As fitness professionals, you must get creative when developing your email plan. Some of the things you can put in your fitness newsletter include the following:

  • Create a weekly recipe and nutrition newsletter that users can subscribe to.
  • Promote different types of gym memberships
  • Create a 30-day fitness challenge and provide participants with daily workouts.
  • Send your clients email surveys to learn more about what they want to see.
  • Share after-development photos and client recommendations.
  • Use content blocks to promote your most recent workout-related articles and videos.
  • Send daily stories and quotes to inspire people.
  • Give a brief description of the procedure you employ to create your workouts.

……and more. You can let your imagination run wild! There are no guidelines as to what you can do.


Writing effective email marketing subject lines might be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to begin. If you want to be sure you’re writing your email marketing campaign’s subject line correctly, adhere to these best practices.

  • Personalise subject lines: Use merge tags to add the name or location of each recipient to your subject lines. Personalised emails have been demonstrated to enhance open rates for most users, especially when combined with marketing automation.
  • Be specific: At times, being straightforward and descriptive is preferable to being trendy. Try to explain the advantages of your promos or draw attention to particular offers.
  • Keep it brief: Many recipients frequently prefer shorter emails, especially those who view them on mobile devices. We advise you to stick to a maximum of 9 words and 60 characters.
  • Limit your use of punctuation: According to our research, it’s advisable to limit the number of punctuation marks per subject line to three. If you use a lot of special characters in your email and use too many punctuation marks, your email may appear spam.
  • Use emojis with caution: Emojis are a simple and enjoyable way to give your subject lines some visual flair. However, there are a few considerations to make when using emojis. Emojis should only be used once at a time, and they should be added to sentences rather than taken the place of words.
  • Segment your audience: Consider your subscriber base and the information that would be most helpful to them. Campaigns can be segmented based on subscriber location, interests, or activity so that the appropriate content is sent to the appropriate audience.


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