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Social media is undoubtedly one of the best ways for artists to display their art, but to turn resigned viewers into loyal clients and customers, you need to establish personal connections. 

And how can you do that? The answer is through email marketing!

Email marketing offers a platform for artists and galleries to communicate directly with their audiences. And not just that, you are communicating with them on a personal level. Furthermore, how you decide to use the strategy solely depends on you and what you want to achieve or gain. In essence, you drive the conversation.

Email marketing allows you to converse with people, build relationships and sell your art. 

Because it is a more personalised form of communication, meaning the people who get your messages subscribed to your list, it is one of the most effective tools for growing a client base. 

According to recent studies, global email users have reached 4 billion and are set to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Not only that, the ROI on email marketing is unbelievable. Emails generate up to $36 for every dollar spent. 

So, do you want to get started with your art marketing? We are here for you.

At Pearl Lemon Leads USA, we can help you curate solid data-driven strategies to get your creativity to those who deserve to see it. Our team can create effective and tailored email marketing strategies to help in client acquisition and retention so you can grow your business brand.

We understand that when it comes to art, it’s all about making a good lasting impression. We will curate messages that will ensure that you stay on top of the minds of your customers and art lovers.

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Your Art Gallery Has A lot To Gain From Email Marketing.

The art industry in the US is valued at $299.98 billion. With over 5,000 establishments, getting your work out there and creating a buzz for your brand in the art world is alot harder than you think. For many gallery owners, efforts don’t go beyond creating a website and social media handles to advertise what they do.

But even though these tactics boost your reach, you lack a central point to growing your audience. With t methods, you depend on them to work in your favour. Lately, algorithms are so unpredictable that even though you have a huge following, it doesn’t guarantee that your content ends up in their news feed.

Yet, with email marketing, you can be sure that your customers or prospects will see what you’re up to. The emails go directly into their inboxes. You can be sure that even though they don’t see them immediately, they will open them at some point. 

Collecting email addresses and building your list will allow you to talk to your prospects directly and sell more art online. The trick lies in creating the perfect catchy subject line so subscribers can open your mail. Once you master that, you will get their undivided attention and possibly higher open rates.

Here are some perks of using email marketing:

There’s literally minimal work on your part. Emails are automatically sent to subscribers and are removed immediately when they unsubscribe from your list.

You can easily segment your subscribers into targeted groups. This helps you send personalised messages that appeal to each group.

Email templates let you quickly add or remove stuff from your messages-for example, images, videos of your beautiful artwork, professional newsletters, etc.

Get real-time reports on the performance of your emails. Once you hit the send button, you can see popular stats like who opened your email, clicked or viewed links and who bought something.

For any art business, email marketing offers a simple approach to getting in touch with potential customers, business partners, supporters, and enthusiasts. Still, a multifaceted email marketing strategy is essential to grow and scale.


Proven Tips To Grow Your Email List As An Art Gallery

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Establish the core demographic for your email marketing list

When creating your email list, you want to target the proper demographic, so you can concentrate on discussions with engaged followers, valuable connections, and possible customers.

Your email list’s recipients for an artist or art company could be:

  • Friends and family
  • business relationships
  • Supporters and regular guests
  • Customers and potential customers
  • Designers, artists, and other art industry professionals
  • Influencers in the art world, such as bloggers, critics, and editors of local newspapers and magazines

Encourage Subscriptions Online Via The Web And Social Media.

Focusing on the interactions that happen every day is the simplest approach for artists to expand their email lists. For instance, you can do that in your website enquiries, social media messages, emails, and phone conversations. Incorporate a link in your email signature or add email sign-up forms to various website pages. Allowing your fan base to opt-in to your mailing list will increase the likelihood that your emails will reach their inboxes.

You can expand your email list via social media as well. Pop-ups and embedded forms can be used to drive traffic to your website and encourage sign-ups, or you can develop an opt-in landing page and add the link to your profiles.

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Create And Send Relevant Content That Adds Value

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is to create engaging content that will benefit your clients and prospects. Your emails must be informative and exciting to keep your audience wanting more. Promote new art pieces, answer FAQs customers ask, send surveys to find out what your clients are looking for, and share your journey, or you can keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in the art world. This will keep them wanting more, and they can even share your work with others they know.

Start A Referral Program.

The importance of a strong reference from existing clients cannot be disputed. Not only are such recommendations the nicest compliment you can receive, but they are also a very reliable source that can quickly turn strangers into customers. Give discounts and coupons to those who can successfully bring in more people to your art gallery, offer freebies etc. Sit back and watch how your subscriber list grows.

Go Beyond Looking For Subscribers From Your Website.

You can draw in new subscribers and those who find your art on your website or social media by promoting fresh artwork with third parties or even in person.

Here are some strategies for obtaining email subscribers outside of your website:

  • Advertise your gallery on a website for artists.
  • Join forces with other creatives to support each other’s work
  • Participate at art fairs in person or online, and prompt visitors to join your mailing list there and then.
  • Use a landing page on a tablet to get visitors to sign up if you run your business out of a gallery.

As soon as you’ve gathered more email addresses, it’s time to let your natural creativity run wild and design a stunning newsletter that all of your new subscribers will enjoy.

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Get Started On Your Journey With Our Email Marketing For Art Galleries

Artists are constantly searching for ways to grow their craft and promote their work; not surprisingly, art galleries are the most popular platform for it. As an art gallery owner, there are exhibitions to host all the time, But to do this successfully; you need to attract the best artists’ work so that it can be displayed for sale.

The quality of your artwork must satisfy the client’s desire for aesthetic gratification, whether it be paintings, figurines, crafts, or even hand looms.

Email marketing can make all this possible. 

Working with our professionals at Pearl Lemon Leads USA will ensure that your email marketing process is streamlined and optimised to make your job easier. Our team is here to help your advance your marketing endeavours through customised campaigns. 

We will develop an efficient email strategy that appeals to both current and potential customers. Above all, we will ensure that your business scales and grows.

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Email marketing generates a staggering 4200% return on investment. You can use it to attract the best artists, art dealers, and visitors to your art galleries at a low cost.

To grow your email list organically, you must have an email sign-up form on your business landing page. However, you need to provide some incentive, such as a discount on exhibition tickets – anything that saves them time and money – to encourage the people to join.

Art is a luxury good. That implies that people occasionally invest in art rather than purchasing items regularly. When sending out email newsletters and selling artwork online, bear this in mind. Put your efforts into establishing a long-lasting friendship rather than concentrating on quick sales.

As a museum, art business, gallery or artist, you can send out newsletters with content like:

  • Press releases 
  • Applications for membership 
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Information about exhibition openings
  • A schedule of events
  • Brief essays or stories about yourself
  • Reviews
  • Background information on artists
  • Links to any materials-videos, books, personalities, etc.-that have influenced you
  • “Meet and greets” or competitions with the artist (s)
  • Promote products from the online or gift shop.

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