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The internet is littered with articles claiming that email marketing techniques are generally out-of-date and that people are growing increasingly weary of and annoyed by them.

However, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to expand your audience and is far from extinct.

Backlinko estimates that 4.24% of all email marketing traffic will result in a purchase, compared to 2.49% of search engine traffic and just 0.59% of social media traffic. However, the majority of these figures concern corporations.

Does email marketing work well for increasing readership for publishers?

Yes, as most consumers prefer email to other methods of receiving subscription notices. Campaign Monitor reports that 72% of online adult users prefer to receive subscription notices and promotional information via email, which stands at 92% of adults who use email daily.

At Pearl Lemon Leads USA, we use distinctive, individualised email marketing automation to assist brands in fostering engagement and loyalty.

A tailored strategy, adaptability, and content marketing techniques are necessary to develop a successful email campaign.

We can help you increase engagement and foster brand loyalty by creating hyper-personalized content based on user behavior, such as hobbies, geography, and reading preferences.

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Benefits Of Adding Email Marketing To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Aids In Increasing Organic Web Traffic

Your target audience will be encouraged to continue their subscriptions, browse for something new, and take further action when you develop customised, well-curated, and aesthetically designed newsletters, pamphlets, and special offers and send them to them in an email. 

Remember, your subscribers have been actively using digital devices throughout this time. It keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds, and they will likely look up your brand more frequently.

Facilitates Your Brand's Self-Promotion

You must have information on your typical readers and subscribers to succeed in this sector. You must consider their age, gender, preferred reading material, socioeconomic status, and other factors. It will assist you in creating and sending emails that are specifically tailored to the recipients who are most likely to read them. Keep track of the number of emails sent. 

It Helps You Promote A Little Bit More

Even while the emails you send contain mini-ads, you can also include advertisements from outside sources. Keep in mind that only some email programmes enable embedding. 

Simple To Measure

Measuring results is one of the most crucial components of every marketing effort. You can easily measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

You can track open, click-through, and conversion rates using trustworthy marketing software, making it simple to figure out how to optimise your campaign. Additionally, unlike broadcast or print advertising, which involves some work, you can make the modifications quickly.

Metrics are gathered by marketing software that goes beyond simple percentages and figures. They reveal details regarding the tastes and behaviours of your clients.

Email marketing campaigns can be a helpful tool for figuring out which material gets the best results. Then you can change your email strategy to focus on exciting campaigns and subject lines.

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Segment Your Email List

Our experts can help you send offers and newsletters appropriate for different email subscribers by segmenting your list. By doing this, we help you refrain from giving everyone the same message, which frequently implies that it will be of little interest to anyone.

With this information, you can establish segments based on your subscribers’ declarative information, which you gather when they sign up, as well as their online behaviours and past purchases.

You can do the segmenting using these metrics:


We provide you with continuous input regarding the interests of your customers. You can tell what they like and intrigues them by looking at their purchase histories and internet usage patterns. 

We combine Google Analytics with your email account to track which pages and categories are most popular with your subscribers. By creating newsletters tailored to their interests, we can also raise the likelihood that they will convert.

Who Clicks On Links And Opens Emails

Your choice of newsletters to deliver to different subscribers depends on their level of participation. Prepare various offers at various engagement levels. For instance, you might require a special offer to reactivate a subscriber who last opened your emails a while ago and make them interested in your offer once more.

Visited Pages And Clicked Links

Create segments for subscribers who show interest in specific titles by taking advantage of sales, reminding them of their abandoned shopping carts, or marketing-related titles.

Things Purchased, Their Quantity, And Their Theme

Purchase histories provide valuable insight into consumer preferences. Send offers about items like sequels, relevant books, and books by the same author using that information.

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Purchase Frequency And The Interval Since The Last Transaction

Target customers are more likely to make purchases using data on when and how many purchases each subscriber has made. 

In terms of frequency, amount, and transaction value, the following groups are crucial:

  • Customers are more likely to make another purchase if they recently made one than if they recently made their last purchase; 
  • Customers who frequently buy are more likely to buy than those who don’t;
  • Customers that make more significant purchases from you are more likely to return.

Our team considers these points when producing your newsletter to boost sales.


We provide you with continuous input regarding the interests of your customers. You can tell what they like and intrigues them by looking at their purchase histories and internet usage patterns. 

We combine Google Analytics with your email account to track which pages and categories are most popular with your subscribers. By creating newsletters tailored to their interests, we can also raise the likelihood that they will convert.

Publishers Can Reach Audiences At Any Time Through Email

Email gives you a direct line to your audience and lets you send material directly to your subscribers. Email is a great way to reach audiences since you can reach them immediately and avoid waiting for them to find you.

Email allows publishers to reach audiences regularly, which is equally vital. Audiences are aware of the frequency of their daily or monthly newsletters, which helps email come close to the habit-forming delivery of print magazines. 

Newsletters, however, keep publishers from a single publication as print does. Additionally, publishers should open themselves to more than just a single newsletter.

The more distinctive newsletters you can provide readers, the more contact points you might get. Each additional subscription enables publishers to communicate with a subscriber more regularly, increasing page views, clicks, and openings.

You Can Decide What Your Audience Sees Without Algorithmic Interference

Publishers recently bounced from platform to platform in pursuit of audiences. Algorithms greatly direct traffic towards your site, mainly if you rely more on search engines. This meant that publishers had to produce material designed to beat the algorithm in the hopes that users would haphazardly come across it in their feed.

Long term, you can’t rely on algorithms much. It’s an impossible game; for many digital companies, it was the untimely end.

Email lets you decide what content your users view, whether manually selected articles or fully automated newsletters. Inbox placement is the only game you need to win if algorithms don’t cut you off from your audience.

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Partner With Us For An Effective Email Marketing For Publishers

With the help of our audience development tools and strategies, you can convert casual website users into your most prominent supporters.

Our team at Pearl Lemon Leads USA continually customizes your active capture widgets to enable rapid expansion without degrading the user experience. We create meaningful audience segmentation using your collected first-party data to offer relevant email content.

Our team will help you with the following:

Increase your audience: By capturing emails and pushing content to browsers, our audience-building solutions optimize your direct audience.

Personalize your emails: You can provide individualized experiences with access to actionable first-party data and reunite audience identities across devices.

Boost your ROI: You can vary your revenue sources with our turnkey advertising and subscriber monetization alternatives.

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One of the most excellent methods to make sure your readers see information suited to their interests is to segment your audience. Doing this will prevent list weariness and maintain their interest in your goods. 

Consider segmenting your audience depending on involvement level and geography when it comes to segmentation. A strength of a good email marketing strategy is segmentation, which allows it to send mixed messages to site visitors and customers.

One significant benefit of segmenting your audience by location is that you can send material tailored to readers in a particular area, thus turning your audience into a local email newsletter. 

It raises the possibility that they find the content interesting and interact with it. Another strategy to improve email for publishers is segmentation based on the amount of involvement. Readers more invested in the content should see more messages than less interested readers. 

You’re more likely to experience higher open rates and more traffic if you send more emails to engaged readers.

Sending emails twice a month, then weekly, would be an intelligent strategy. Consider sending emails weekly if you have excellent content, dynamic offers, or frequent promotions. Keep an eye on these initiatives.


Publishers use one-time offers in addition to emails asking friends to recommend them as part of their email marketing strategy. With such emails, they offer subscribers a one-time discount of more than 70% on subscriptions. Publishers can also use the following alternatives in their email marketing campaign:

  • Free trial subscriptions;
  • Recurrent subscription savings and subscription freebies (e.g., seasonal).

Along with friend recommendation emails, these offerings can help publishers increase subscriber retention and attract new subscribers who stick around longer.

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