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In recent years, the process of purchasing an automobile has evolved. Rather than spending a day visiting every local auto shop in town, more and more consumers today prefer to look for cars online. How auto dealerships sell themselves has changed so much because of how every potential customer browses for cars nowadays.

Car dealerships must now ensure they have an excellent online presence to maintain consumer awareness rather than relying solely on foot traffic for revenue.

How can you guarantee that consumers looking to buy a car come to your auto dealership first? 

Email marketing is the perfect solution. It is a simple, affordable way to advertise your car dealership. It takes your dealership into the homes of people looking to buy cars. Unlike social, direct mail, and other channels, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), which refers to sales made due to marketing communication.

Realising the power of email marketing isn’t enough. It must be strategised and optimised to align with your sales objectives. 

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Our knowledgeable team at Pearl Lemon Leads USA can provide you with all the guidance you need to launch and manage an email marketing campaign. We will help you to develop a customised email template before assisting you in developing a sizable mailing list and give you all the resources you need to track and maintain your email marketing campaigns. 

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About Email Marketing For Car Dealerships

Sending emails to spread out messages is known as email marketing. In the last decade, emails have experienced the fastest marketing strategy growth. Several online email marketing platforms offer contact management and email templates to make automotive email marketing simple to deploy.

Because email marketing enables dealers to connect with customers personally, it is compelling. Customers typically welcome and value emails from their neighbourhood dealerships. You can attain high client involvement through email marketing.

Email marketing can yield strong response rates and motivate users to take action when used effectively. It can involve anything from purchasing to visiting your dealership’s website or clicking on a link in the email.

Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns

A business can use various email campaigns. Email is most frequently used to share promotions or exclusive deals. But to prevent subscribers from unsubscribing, you must offer them useful or fascinating content in addition to promotional materials.

Dealerships can send out content about recommended maintenance intervals. They can inform customers of some climates or locales that require seasonal maintenance. Your audience will be motivated to open subsequent emails since these communications add value to their inboxes.

A dealer service department can also design campaigns to promote highly qualified personnel to their contacts, fostering familiarity and trust.

Utilising a range of emails that don’t necessarily request action keeps customers interested in your brand and keeps your company top of mind when they need the services you provide.

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Obtaining Newsletter Subscriptions

We advise against integrating all of your previous customers’ emails into your newsletter list if you have never sent out email newsletters before. It is due to the possibility that your previous clients should have expected emails from you differently.

It’s essential to add your consumers gradually when you first start sending emails to them. They will be more inclined to appreciate receiving emails from you if they know what to expect. Additionally, it indicates that you are not emailing recipients who have said they do not desire to receive emails from you.

You risk harming your reputation as a sender and having future emails marked as spam if you frequently send emails to a group of people who unsubscribe or mark you as spam.

On your website, we advise you to add a popup subscription box for your newsletter and add any new customers to the list.

With a lower unsubscribe rate, your list will be made up entirely of customers who have specifically requested to receive marketing emails from your dealership.

You will use less of your marketing money if you direct any website visitors you acquire through Facebook ads to subscribe to your newsletter.


Maximum Customer Engagement

We, therefore, pay attention to all the points below to create a successful and profitable marketing campaign:

  • We ensure the information in your email marketing is pertinent to and appealing to your audience;
  • We keep your audience interested by breaking up the content with graphics and videos;
  • We encourage your clients to act by providing unique discounts and promotions;
  • We  keep your email marketing messages brief;
  • We try out various email marketing messages to discover what resonates.

Consistency Is The Key

Along with your dealership’s content marketing initiatives, email marketing can be a more powerful tool for your dealership when done consistently.

Customers can forget who you are and what you do if you send email communications seldom. As a result, when you send them an email, they might not be interested in it or, worse still, unsubscribe.

However, if you send emails frequently, your clients will get used to them and be more inclined to open them and take action.

It also means that when clients are prepared to buy a car, they will think about your dealership first. Ensure you establish a schedule for your email marketing efforts and follow it religiously.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing

Auto dealers need to use email marketing. Email marketing is a valuable resource for various purposes, including distributing educational content, boosting client lifetime value, and persuading customers who need help deciding whether to buy. Here are some benefits of implementing email marketing:

Traffic And Trust

People are more inclined to buy from a business they trust.

Newsletters have the power to increase website visitors. More sales are likely to occur the more traffic there is. By sharing relevant content, you can build trust.

Upgrades And Cross-Sales

When someone buys an expensive good from you, like a car, they are more inclined to buy from you later.

You can upsell insurance, get customers to upgrade features, promote newer models, and more using email marketing or email popups, which will increase your revenue.

Different Places-One Database

If you are a dealership owner with many locations, you can incorporate email marketing as your medium of communication with your audience and manage one email database.

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Our Approach

Email marketing, one of the channels with the best conversion rates, enables you to compile a list of contacts who have previously interacted with your dealership. It indicates that they are aware of your existence and may even have purchased from you in the past. If you don’t follow up on these leads, you are giving this customer to a competition.

Initial Phase

First and foremost, you will require a clean data list, often including your current and potential consumers. Your contact list can comprise everyone whose information you have collected, whether it came through lead generation, events, or test drives.

One of our email marketing specialists will create the email template for your campaigns. We happily follow your lead if you have a particular design in mind.

Campaign Reviews

We will always give you a report from your email campaign so you can assess its effectiveness. You can see who is interested in your offering by looking at the clicks and opens displayed here.

You can easily understand these statistics and clearly understand how your campaigns are doing.

Let Us Help You

There are a variety of ways to spread the word online, including through e-newsletters, new model releases, special email offers, stock updates, upcoming sales, events, and promotions, among other things.

We can assist you in producing standout emails that attract clients’ attention and encourage them to contact you.

With a team of highly-experienced and talented experts assisting automobile dealers with email marketing, Pearl Lemon Leads USA is a full-service email marketing business. We collaborate with you to develop an email marketing strategy to connect with your clients and potential clients, set your company out from the competition, and increase sales.

We are skilled at producing client-centered campaigns that will encourage readers, clickers, and buyers.

Get in touch with us and put our knowledge to use for you!

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More effectively utilising the consumer journey is digital marketing. According to Think with Google, the average auto buyer visits fewer than two car dealerships. They start their research online.


You can use emails to reward loyal customers, raise income, draw in new customers, promote your brand, and increase consumer engagement (through newsletters). Communication and awareness with present clients and customers are highly stressed in email marketing.


Before making a purchase, many people may look online to discover the cars that fall within their price range. Work on creating a fantastic website and visuals to get customers to your store. You can draw in customers looking for local car dealers by investing in more sophisticated marketing techniques, such as Local SEO.


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