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What most salon people don’t know is that every beauty salon business is literally a “relationship business”. In the beauty industry, client relationships are everything if you want to succeed. 

But how can you grow and maintain these relationships with your prospects and clients?

The simple answer is through “salon email marketing”.

You need a solid email marketing strategy to get your offerings out there. But you must be thinking; this is the digital era; Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok are all here! What do I need email marketing for?

An email marketing campaign should be part of a larger digital marketing strategy.

A fast Google search will reveal that many pessimists believe that “email is on its way out.” But nothing could be further from the truth.

Email marketing is still a powerful marketing tool that salon business owners can leverage. If you’re not using it, chances are your competitors are using it and scooping big money from potential clients.

But no worries, if you are unsure how to do it, Pearl Lemon Leads USA is here to help you.

Our experts know all the essentials of salon email marketing for beauty salons and will push your establishment to the next level. 

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What Is Salon Email Marketing?

Email is a form of marketing that lets you share information about your services with prospects who subscribe to you. With an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, email marketing is expected to reach 11 billion by 2023. If you are not using it, it’s high time you actually did. 

Email marketing allows you to share valuable information like free offers, collaborations or appointments with your clients. As a salon owner, you need to ensure that your prospects stay interested in what you offer- even when they are not sitting in your salon chair.

Email Marketing For Salons

Email Marketing For Salons: Let Us Guide You When You're Unsure About Where to Begin

 If you are still confused about how we can use an email campaign to get your traffic up the roof, we will share these simple steps to show you what we mean.

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Gather Email Addresses

A comprehensive database is a beneficial asset for a business. Therefore you should gather as much data as possible on your customers. You can gather client emails using these methods:

As soon as clients enter your clinic, spa, or salon, note their emails. As soon as a client calls, add them to your client list right away. Promote social gatherings at your salon and encourage customers to join your email list. A sign-up form for your monthly e-newsletter should be added to your website.

Break Down Your Audience.

Writing a single email that all your customers will enjoy is challenging. The secret is to segment your audience such that the communications they receive are relevant, appropriate, and unique. If people can relate to your emails, they’ll be far more inclined to open and read them.

Your email performance and conversions should improve by selecting your target market and sending content that speaks to them (a conversion is when your reader takes the action you wanted the email to achieve).


When a client opens an email from you, they want to learn something new, feel motivated, or maybe have a laugh. They don’t want to get promotional emails or nothing of value constantly.

Make sure to make it about the clients and convince them of the benefits. You don’t have to send a salesy email every time. Share other critical facts about your best beauty advice, such as invitations to entertaining and educational salon events, recent news, beauty products, or new staff. All of the above information could be included in a monthly newsletter.

Create The Ideal Email

You must differentiate your message from the competition. It must be evident from the subject line and sender that the email is coming from your salon.

It’s just half the battle when you can get someone to open your email. How can you persuade them to proceed and read your content? The answer is through distinctive email design and content. These are some tried-and-true, efficient email marketing strategies.

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Analyze Your Outcomes

The key to genuinely succeeding with your email marketing efforts is to plan how you’ll evaluate your progress.

The top metrics you should monitor are as follows:

  1. Deliverability: Did your email reach its intended prospective clients? That’s all there is to the inquiry.
  2. Open rate: Consider looking at your typical email open rate and try to surpass that!

The final objective of every email should be to persuade the recipient to click the provided link, such as the “Online Booking” button. A high CTR indicates that your content effectively reaches the right audience.

Tips For A Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Consider The Recipient As Writing To "A Friend."

Corporate emails and newsletters don’t work as well as they used to. Most of the time, they get stuck in spam filters, don’t look good on mobile, and sometimes the images don’t load. Write your salon new as plain weekly emails- nothing too fancy. Don’t be too formal. Get a bit personal.

Let Your Emails Tell A Story.

Humans are naturally inclined to respond to positive stories. Tell your team about you, your work, success stories and all of that. This type of approach will make you stand out. 

Put Your Heart Into It.

Your prospect’s attention is the best and most valuable resource you will get. Clients receive a handful of messages in their inboxes daily, so to stand out, you need to put your personality into it.


We Know The A's & Z's Of Email Marketing- Partner With Us

To gain new bookings, you must use salon email marketing. We, fortunately, know what is necessary. We at Pearl Lemon Leads USA will develop the most effective email marketing strategies to maintain customers’ interest in your offerings.

You can focus on writing one or two attention-grabbing subject lines rather than competing for likes on active social media platforms. We will add a link to your sites in your emails to boost the number of people who follow you on social media if you want to.

We will design a targeted salon email marketing plan to keep customers interested in your company.

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The advertising strategy used by a business to market and sell its products or services is called a marketing plan. The marketing strategy will determine the target market, the most effective approach to contact them, the price point at which you should sell the good or service, and the process by which the company will gauge its performance.

First things first, get going. Ensure you’re gathering email addresses and convincing customers to accept communications by providing them something special (for example, birthday vouchers and access to flash sales). 

Deciding how to send those emails is the next step. To make things simple for your clients, set up automated emails in your appointment scheduling software to notify them of an impending appointment and to include some personal information, directions, and parking information. Then, create a template to send your emails monthly, bimonthly, or weekly.

Before you know it, you’ll develop an addiction to email marketing, becoming a staple of your regular marketing strategy as you expand your company, develop closer ties with your customers, and increase sales!

Because they are busy, kindly refrain from wasting your client’s time by making the email copy longer than needed. Keep your emails concise and to the point if you want them to be read.

Keep your target result in mind when you create your email marketing. As a result, in each email, concentrate just on one offer and centre your entire narrative around it.

If you include two or three offers in a single email, your customers will become confused and distracted. Think about and follow through on your email goals each time. Because your customers know the required activity, your response and conversion rates will increase.

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