How To Cold Message On Linkedin: The Blueprint

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to cold calls on LinkedIn? You can use the platform to generate leads and acquire new customers with the right approach and tactics. This article will provide a blueprint for success in cold calling on LinkedIn in 2023.

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Step 1: Define Your Target With Precision

When cold calling on LinkedIn, the first step is defining your target precisely. To do this, you must properly identify the right person for your offer and understand their frustrations and pain points. This means researching their background, understanding their needs and interests and creating a tailored message.

Additionally, make sure that you clearly understand who you are targeting in terms of job title, company size and other criteria. With this information, you can start crafting a compelling message that resonates with each prospect. By doing this research upfront, you can create more effective cold messages that will lead to better results from your campaign.

Step 2: Optimise Your Linkedin Profile To Match Your Target

Optimising your profile to match your target is important to succeed when cold calling on LinkedIn. This means ensuring you have an up-to-date professional profile picture, banner, and title and description that accurately reflect who you are and what you do.

Furthermore, ensure that your professional experience listed is organised so potential employers can quickly understand your skills and experiences. Having a well-crafted profile will help to make prospects more likely to engage with you when they receive your message.

It will also give them the confidence to trust you since they know what kind of person they are dealing with. Taking the time to create and maintain a well-optimised profile can go a long way towards helping you achieve success with cold calling on LinkedIn.

Why Optimise Your Profile To Cold Messages On Linkedin?

Optimising your profile when cold calling on LinkedIn is essential to achieving success. It allows you to present a professional image that makes prospects more likely to engage with you. Additionally, it gives them the confidence to trust you since they know what kind of person they are dealing with.

Having an up-to-date and professional profile picture and banner, as well as a title and description that accurately reflect who you are and what you do, can significantly increase the chances of having a positive response from potential employers.

How To Optimise Your Linkedin Profile To Build Trust?

Having a well-optimised LinkedIn profile is essential for building trust with potential employers. To optimise your profile, start by selecting an appropriate professional photo that showcases your best features and reflects who you are as a professional. Additionally, make sure to choose an attention-grabbing banner that reinforces the message of your profile.

Next, carefully craft a title and description that accurately and concisely reflect your skills and experiences. Finally, showcase your professional experience in an organised fashion so potential employers can quickly understand what you offer. Remember to update any changes to your profile regularly, so it remains current and relevant.

What To Do After Optimising Your Linkedin Profile?

Once your LinkedIn profile is optimised, you can use it to its fullest potential. First, you should begin building your network by connecting with existing contacts, researching potential contacts in target companies or industries and reaching out to them. You can also join relevant groups to build relationships and find opportunities.

Additionally, you can use the platform for research and to stay up-to-date on industry trends. Finally, consider using the platform for content marketing and thought leadership – by publishing high-quality articles regularly, you’ll be able to attract attention from potential customers or employers searching for someone with your expertise. By taking advantage of these features, you’ll be able to make the most of your presence on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Create Your Lead And Customer Acquisition Funnel

To create a successful lead and customer acquisition funnel, you must identify potential customers and build relationships with them. Start by researching potential customers on LinkedIn – look for people in your target industry or job title who might be interested in your services.

Next, use the platform to reach out directly through a direct message or connection request. Make sure you personalise your message, outlining the specific value you can bring to the customer.

Finally, use the platform to nurture relationships by responding quickly and conversing with potential customers. Doing so will help you build trust and increase the chances of making a sale or acquiring new leads. By taking advantage of these features, you can create an effective lead and customer acquisition funnel using LinkedIn.

What Is An Acquisition Funnel?

An acquisition funnel is a process used to convert prospects into customers. It is a series of steps starting with identifying potential customers and nurturing relationships. 

Depending on the industry, an acquisition funnel can consist of different steps, such as researching potential customers, reaching out through direct messages or connection requests, personalising messages to highlight the specific value you can bring, and engaging in conversations.

The ultimate goal of an acquisition funnel is to build trust, increase sales and acquire new leads from potential customers. Businesses can turn prospects into loyal customers using an effective acquisition funnel strategy.

Step 4: Create Your Multi-Channel Sales Prospecting Campaign With Waalaxy

Waalaxy is an innovative sales prospecting platform that helps businesses create and optimise multi-channel campaigns. With Waalaxy, businesses can easily set up campaigns with various channels like email, text messages, LinkedIn cold calling and even direct mail. These campaigns allow businesses to reach potential customers quickly and effectively.

The platform offers powerful features like automated follow-ups, customisable templates, segmentation and analytics to help you understand the success of your campaigns. Additionally, Waalaxy offers an extensive library of resources to help companies create more effective sales strategies. 

If you’re looking for a way to increase your return on investment while saving time on prospecting efforts, Waalaxy’s multi-channel sales prospecting campaign is the perfect solution.


Cold messaging on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for lead and customer acquisition, but it must be done correctly. Leverage the power of this powerful guide by taking advantage of its advanced targeting capabilities, such as job title filters, company size filters and more. Following these steps will give you everything you need for successful cold messaging on LinkedIn in 2023! 

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Is it OK to cold call on LinkedIn?

Cold calling is one way to prospect. Although Ingram also recommends another, which he’s gotten a lot of value from LinkedIn. “I do a lot of prospecting on LinkedIn right now,” he said. “I can get faster responses on LinkedIn than any other channels.”

What are cold calls on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn cold messages are the perfect method for reaching out to business professionals that are qualified prospects. The average reply rate of LinkedIn messages is 85%. This is 3 times higher than the response rate to emails.

Is it weird to reach out on LinkedIn?

It’s not weird to reach out to someone on LinkedIn – it’s a networking platform for business people, so it’s expected. Get your outreach right, though. Make your messages and connections personal and keep them professional.